June 26, 2020 at 11:02 am

Tips to Win Online Progressive Slots

You may have heard a lot about progressive slots and how they are a lucrative option for both the punters and the casino. But are you aware of their working mechanics? Progressive slots are similar to the regular ones with the only difference being in the jackpot.

Regular slots offer a fixed jackpot that can be won by placing the max number of coins. This is the same with progressive jackpots, but any amount placed by the player adds to a pooled jackpot that accumulates with each bet. So how can you win at progressive slots?

Research the Odds

Not all slots offer the same odds of winning, Online slots games vary when it comes to how much and how often they payout. If you are keen to make the right selection, you have a better chance of increasing your odds.

Choose the Right Slot

Familiarise yourself with a number of slot games. Generally, a site with many slots offers a greater chance of better payouts but a lower chance of winning. The best chance of winning at a progressive slot is by playing three-reel slots. It is important, however, that you know the game rules and in particular the details regarding free spins and pay lines.

Place the Max Bet

Different slots have different maximum bets so choose one that you can afford. By placing a maximum bet, you increase your chances of landing a win.

Try Different Machines

Often, punters are attracted to games that have paid out in the past with the thought that it will offer them better odds. What most don’t know is that these games are run on random-number generators which makes winning totally random. It is good that you try your luck on another game, it might be your fortune cookie. But before you can start playing, be sure to understand the coin size and the payment system of the machine you select.

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