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September 21, 2020 at 8:34 am

The Key to Successful Poker Confounding Opponents (Part 1)

The amount of players is getting higher and better, and Poker is getting harder.

It’s different from when online poker was created, when most players didn’t even learn the fundamentals

It seems like today’s poker players are all actively moving online to explore their expertise and abilities. That leads you to meet a lot of clever players, even at low stakes or small tournaments. So if you’re still playing poker in a way that’s too boring, you won’t get a lot of money from them. Instead, to confuse your adversary or make it impossible for them to guess your side, you’re going to have to switch up a ton of your tactics.

  1. Play effective cards slowly in the pre-flop

The first technique to play poker to annoy strong opponents is often slow play when you have a big pair or a strong Ax combination. 

Why don’t you try to confuse your adversary often by calling horizontally instead of constantly raising more with AA, KK, QQ or AK. Especially when you have the advantage of a location (like sitting on a cut-off or a button). 

This is much more successful in cases where, behind you, a blind person is an attacking player. You’ve got a good side, only calling the first pot where you can isolate your hostile competitor, and they’re going to climb quickly.

This gives you the chance to re-raise and drive the table stakes to the needle because you’ve got your best advantage before you have hit the Flop.

  1. C-bet

You will need rich gameplay on the flop. Many players always c-bet when they hit the top pair and nearly any time they hit a successful opponent. However, it is also critical that you have test times in such cases, too. 

But if occasionally you just check with them or check-call with this side, that’s going to annoy the adversary and allow them to trick you or make a bet on your next advantage on the turn or the channel.

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