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December 28, 2020 at 3:56 pm

Poker Bankroll Management: A way not to waste money (Part 2)

Poker Capital Management Rules to Avoid Money Loss 

1. Play at the pace that suits your poker money

You’ve understood that playing too loud for your wallet is gambling. You need to share the resources to reduce the chance of running out fast. To do this, add the following rule to decide how much of a bet you can play comfortably.

No Limit Hold’em: 

Buy-in is the capital you’re going to add to the table. No Limit tables will typically allow you to buy-in up to 100 wide blinds. For eg, a table of $0.05—$0.10 (NL10) would give you a buy-in of up to $10. To be on the safe side, it is a rule of thumb to get at least 20 buy-ins to play on a given bet. In other words, you should never put more than 5% of your money to the table. 

For Limit Hold’em: 

You need at least 300 Major Bets at the current bet stage. 

For example, if the Limit Hold’em table is $0.50-1, Big Bet is $1. If you’re going to play the bet, make sure you have at least $300. 

Tournaments for Sit & Go: 

It is strongly recommended that you have at least 30 buy-ins (tournament fees). 

For eg, if you have $30, you can only play Sit & Go tournaments with a buy-in of $1 or more. 

Multi-Table MTT Tournaments:

Each MTT Tournament (Tourney) has between a few hundred and a few thousand people participating. It is very difficult to hold an award in this category. But if you’re planning on ploughing this category, you better have at least 100 buy-ins. 

2. Move forward when possible, and back up when necessary 

When your money increases and your poker skills improve, it’s time to step up to higher stakes. 

Of necessity, increasing the bet is still subject to the minimum capital requirements

In the opposite case, if you encounter a big downswing, try playing a smaller one. You do not get the expertise up to the latest stage of bets outside of poor luck. Down with fewer bets, the difficulty can decrease and even guarantee the safety of your money.

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