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November 17, 2020 at 4:01 pm

How to play Sic-bo for beginners (Part 1)

Though many people assume that playing Sic Bo (Dice) cannot have a simple plan and is mainly due to the factor of chance. 

However that doesn’t mean that there are no tips or tricks to help players win this game

The following article will help you find some tips on how to play Sic Bo, how to play Casino Dice effectively to become a “formidable” casino player!

How to play Sic Bo Casino? 

Players in this game are going to have to guess what the 3 dice are going to be to start betting. 

The player continues making bets on one or more of the betting areas on the table before the game operator declares No More Bets. 

There are various betting areas from one number to a set of dice with different payouts. 

When the outcomes of the 3 dice are drawn, the winning areas on the table will be lit up.

Speaking of Sic Bo, Security is the most powerful strategy? 

Sic bo Casino is a game that relies primarily on chance, so the actual game requires patience, and defense should be given preference over attack. Defensive Dice players not only help you withhold more coins, they will also linger longer in the game. 

If you want to play Sic Bo in this manner, you will make a bigger profit. The highest chances you can find in the Sic Bo game are about 2.78 percent, but you can get the same percentage.

Small and big rules when playing Sic Bo

A small bet is when the player estimates that the cumulative number of 3 dice tosses will be between 4 and 10. Whereas the big bet centers around the player who predicts the cumulative number of points of the 3 dice from 11 to 17. When you place a Large bet with odds of 1 (meaning that you lose less money than when you place a small bet). 

If you want to gamble on a single number, you can rely on only one dice and attempt to guess which of the 6 numbers will appear. It’s not rare, in fact, to gamble several times on the same number in order to get it.

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